Gurus Of Chaos – Book Review


The prerequisite of long term investing, Gurus of Chaos written by Saurabh Mukherjea published by Bloomberg Publishing India Pvt Ltd is primarily a collection of interviews of the top fund managers and their views on investment in the stock market. This book has been written for the novice long term investor or the typical armchair investor and will not be suitable if you are a trader at heart. Though there are many books on the interviews of fund managers, there are few books which contain the interviews of Indian fund managers using examples with the Indian companies.

The author himself is the CEO of the institutional Equities business at Ambit Holdings. Along with the interviews of the fund manager, Saurabh also provides with his own personal tips aimed towards educating the common investor with his own investor philosophy and a simple rule based approach. To understand this book the reader is expected to know the basic financial terms and ratios as is used by the fund managers to explain certain views.

The author takes us through a series of interviews with similar questions asked to all the fund managers to gain their perspective on what they look for while buying a company share, what is their logic behind selling their share and also the risk management used to prevent losses. It also takes us thorough the life of a fund manager in India and their way of work.

Overall, this book focuses on the simple rules of investing and does not delve into greater detail as it is meant for the novice investor and reading this book will certainly result in greater performance in the stock market and looks towards reducing mistakes which are very common. I would personally recommend this book to any person willing to put his savings into quality stock investments and not mere speculation and buying based on newspaper, tips and recommendations.

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